Adopt your very own Chaletian! These lovely ladies can be displayed on your website, in your blog, in message boards or wherever you choose. They're all very keen on finding new homes but they do come with a few rules:
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2. Please save all Chaletians to your own server (you can adopt more than one).
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Joey Bettany & the Red Peril Joey Bettany - Tirol Uniform
Joey Bettany
Robin Humphries - Christmas Angel
Robin Humphries
Cornelia Flower - Guide Uniform
Cornelia Flower

Jacynth Hardy & Cello - British Summer Uniform
Jacynth Hardy
Blossom Willoughby - British Tennis Uniform & Blazer
Blossom Willoughby
Erica Standish - Swiss Evening/Summer Dress
Erica Standish

Mary-Lou Trelawney - British Uniform Mary-Lou Trelawney - British Gardening Uniform Mary-Lou Trelawney - Swiss Uniform Mary-Lou Trelawney as Puss in Boots - St Mildred's Panto
Mary-Lou Trelawney
Barbara Chester - Swiss Uniform
Barbara Chester

Joey Maynard Joey Maynard as Marilyn Monroe - A Surprise for Jack!
Joey Maynard
Tirol Uniform British Gardening Uniform Swiss Senior Uniform

Lorraine adopted: Blossom Willoughby.
KB adopted: Barbara Chester.
Amy adopted: Joey Bettany
Mary adopted: Cornelia Flower
Ruth adopted: Joey Maynard
Ceili adopted: Mary-Lou Trelawney
Jamsmen adopted: Mary-Lou Trelawney

The above Chaletians were edited by me from the following dollmakers:

Josie's Dollmaker Diva Maker Dof Dollmaker