Bride Leads the Chalet School

1989 Armada When Bride Bettany agrees to take over as Head Girl for the final two terms everyone is delighted - all except Diana Skelton. The vain and conceited new girl does not know the meaning of the word "discipline". Her dislike for the popular Head Girl leads to an ugly scene but Bride is not going to let her get away with it this time. - 1989 Armada
UK 2.50

2002 Girls Gone By Publishers Bride Leads the Chalet School is the 27th title in Elinor Brent-Dyer's famous Chalet School series, following immediately after Shocks for the Chalet School and before Changes for the Chalet School.
Bride Bettany is asked to take over the post of Head Girl of the Chalet School unexpectedly, and finds herself plunged into a series of difficulties, not the least being that the School has taken in a number of pupils from another Chalet School... - 2002 Girls Gone By Publishers

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