The Chalet School in the Oberland

First published in hardback in 1952 by Chambers. Illustrated by Nina K Brisley. Reprinted in 1958. Illustrated by Dorothy Brook (frontispiece by NKB). First published in a revised paperback in 1989 by Armada. Illustrated by Gwyneth Jones. First published in unabridged paperback in 2004 by Girls Gone By Publishers. Illustrated by Nina K Brisley.

This book is for
Susan Hill
with love from
Elinor Brent-Dyer

1952 Hardback Dustwrapper "Experiments," reflected Miss Culver, secretary to the latest branch of the Chalet School, "are generally fun, and this is a big one - and an adventure, too."
Miss Culver was right. It was an adventure in more ways than one, and the old Chalet girls who had come from the original school to help make up with more than twenty others from all sorts of places, found it so.
How the first term works out; how staff and pupils settle down; how Elma Conroy discovers decent values and the "Old Girls" of the Chalet School realise that there is a lot to be said for the manners and customs of schools other than their own, are all told in this latest addition to the CHALET SCHOOL SERIES. - 1952 Chambers & 2003 Girls Gone By Publishers
1952 & 1958 Hardback Frontispiece

1989 Armada The Chalet School is opening a finishing branch in the beautiful Bernese Oberland, and everyone's agreed it's good to be back in the Alps. The girls come from many different backgrounds, and moulding them into one school takes time, but it's made more difficult by troublemakers like Elma and Edna, especially when the school rules are minimal and there are no prefects to enforce them... - 1989 Armada
U.K. 2.25 Australia $5.95 N.Z. $7.95 Canada $3.95

1958 Hardback Dustwrapper