Jo to the Rescue

For The Prefects of the
Margaret Roper School
Joan, Mary, Doreen, Judith, Monica,
Very, Phyllis
With love from their Head Mistress

1946 & 1951 Hardback Dustwrapper 'Jo of the Chalet School' and her entertaining young family, along with several of the Chalet School stalwarts, spend a breezy holiday in the North Country moors. There are, as usual, escapades and adventures but the main story is concerned with Phoebe Wychcote, a delicate girl whose life is transformed by Jo's friendship. - 1946 & 1951 Chambers 1946 & 1951 Frontispiece

1994 Armada Joey has never been slow to help others out, and her holiday with her friends Marie, Simone, Frieda and their children proves to be no exception. For although they are delighted when they discover that their neighbour is Phoebe Wychcote, daughter of the famous cellist, Nicholas Wychcote, it is soon clear that something is troubling Phoebe. Joey plunges in to see what she can do, and finds herself tackling burglars, saving her beloved St Bernard and dealing with a spoilt young girl in the process! - 1994 Armada
U.K. 3.50 Austrlia $6.95 N.Z. $9.95 Canada $5.95

1960 Hardback Dustwrapper