The Chalet School and Robin
by Caroline German

First published in paperback 2003 by Girls Gone By Publishers. Illustrated by Nina K Brisley (cover adapted from Biddy's Secret by Elsie J. Oxenham).

Dedicated to my parents,
Brian and Janice German,
introducing me to the world of books
and the joy of reading.

2003 Girls Gone By Publishers It is the start of the Chalet School's second term at Plas Howell, the graceful Queen anne mansion on the English-Welsh border, and with the new school year come new challanges, new Mistresses and a new Head Girl. Robin Humphries, sixteen years old and a member of the Sixth Form, is astounded to learn that she has been chosen to follow in the footsteps of Gisela Marani, Juliet Carrick and the others - including her own beloved sister Joey Maynard. How will she compare to the admired and respected Head Girls who had gone before? A naturally modest girl, Robin is overwhelmed by her unexpected promotion.
'How will I ever measure up to Gisela and the rest?' she thought anxiously. 'Everyone says Jo was the best Head Girl the School ever had but they were all first-rate and I can't possibly be good enough... I never dreamt that I might by Head one day... I'm simply not ready for this!'
Before she has an opportunity to wory too much, however, she is flung headlong into the hurly-burly of life at a busy boarding school. Naughty Juniors, troubled Seniors and unruly Middles await her - and life is made all the more complicated when Joey's youngest daughter Margot becomes dangerously ill... - 2003 Girls Gone By Publishers

2003 GGBP Frontispiece - 'Look here, what about burning the holes through?' (page 142) Chapter XVII - The Triumverate Go Ski-ing (page 137) Page 146

Biddy's Secret by Elsie J. Oxenham, Illustrated by NKB