Three Go to the Chalet School

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1981 Armada Mary-Lou Trelawney does not want to go to school. Why should she? She's always had lessons at home. So she's quite unprepared for the hurly-burly of life at the famous Chalet School.
Clem Barras is her greatest friend. But, surprisingly, her arrival at the school makes Mary-Lou's life even more difficult...
And then there's the problem of the third new girl, argumentative Verity-Ann, who seems determined to upset everyone around her.
When these three girls go to the Chalet School, there are plenty of dramas in store! - 1981 Armada
UK 85p
1981 Armada Back Cover Illustration

1999 Collins Mary-Lou Trewlaney doesn't want to leave home, Verity-Ann Carey doesn't approve of modern schoolgirls - but Clem Barras can hardly wait to go to the Chalet School.
And when all three girls meet up, there are plenty of dramas in store! - 1999 Collins

1951 Hardback Dustwrapper 1988 Armada, 1.95