Tom Tackles the Chalet School

First published in 1948 and 1949 in The Second Chalet Book for Girls and The Third Chalet Book for Girls. First published in a collected edition in 1955 by W.R. Chambers. First published in paperback in 1987 by Armada.

1987 Armada "Tom Gay intrigues the whole Chalet School. There were other new girls, of course, but none like her."
Educated by her father until the age of twelve, Tom is taught to behave like a "gentleman" at all times. Convinced that girls "do silly things" she finds it hard to settle down in the almost exclusively female atmosphere of the Chalet School. But as the term progresses and Tom finds herself helping to rescue an injured pupil from snow-covered mountains, she begins to change her mind! - 1987 Armada

1955 Hardback Dustwrapper 1955 Hardback Frontispiece