The Wrong Chalet School

First published in hardback in 1952 by Chambers. Illustrated by Nina K Brisley. Reprinted in 1958. First published in a revised paperback in May 1970 by Armada. Reprinted in 1974, 1978, 1981, 1985, 1986 & 1988.

1970 Armada Aunt Luce is sending her niece, Katharine Gordon, to the Chalet School. And what a scramble it is to get her trunk packed on time! When Katharine arrives at the school, she soon makes friends among the other girls. She loves all the tennis and swimming--it really is a splendid school!
Then the mysterious trunk arrives. Although the label says "Gordon", nothing in it belongs to Katharine. Whose trunk is it? And what has happened to Katharine's own trunk? Can it be that Aunt Luce has sent her niece to the wrong Chalet School? - 1970 Armada
U.K. 20p
1970 Armada Back Cover Illustration

1988 Armada "Goodbye, Aunt Luce," cried Katharine Gordon as the school train draws away from the platform. At last she is safely on her way to her first term at the Chalet School, despite her vague aunt's highly disorganised last-minute preparations!
The first sign of trouble is when Katharine's trunk fails to arrive, but she quickly settles in at the school. Then the mysterious trunk turns up. But although it is labelled "Gordon", nothing in it belongs to Katharine! Where has Katharine's own luggage gone? Can it be that Aunt Luce has sent her niece to the wrong Chalet School? - 1988 Armada
U.K. 1.95 Australia $5.95 N.Z. $7.50 Canada $3.95

1952 & 1958 Hardback Dustwrapper 'Please, Matron,' she said, 'I'm certain there's some mistake.'