The Works of Josephine M. Bettany

Pierre, the Smuggler: a Romance of Napolean
* "a weird and wonderful rigmarole" (p243 hardback)
* Unpublished
Mentioned in: Jo of

The Wooden Bowl of Hans Sneeman
* Joey's first contribution to The Chaletian
* Entered in a comepition for children by Dr Jem and wins second prize
* Fuels Joey's decision to become an author
Mentioned in: Jo of
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Elsie's Boys
* Joey's first attempt at a book
* Based on the infamous Elsie series
* Unpublished
* Elsie Travilla - mother of Eddie, Harold and Herbert
* Eddie Travilla - Elsie's son
* Harold Travilla - Elsie's second son
* Herbert Travilla - Elsie's son
The Story:
The adventures of the Travilla boys, Elsie's sons. Mentioned in: Jo of
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Malvina Wins Through
* Joey's first attempt at a school story
* Unpublished and incinerated at Matey's suggestion
* Malvina Featherstone - the heroine, a "plaster-saint"
* Flavia Meredith - Malvina's friend, one of the only "real" characters in the book
* Rosetta Fernandez - the villain, a "wretch"
The Story:
Rosetta tries to prove the Malvina smuggles sweets into school and then eats them in bed. When the Head Mistress has a stroke, Malvina fetches the doctor on her bicycle, thus saving that lady's life. Malvina saves the honour of her form in the inter-form tennis match. Rosetta attempts to prove that Malvina is a user of cribs.
Created in: Jo Returns to the Chalet School
Destroyed in: Jo Returns to the Chalet School

Cecily Holds the Fort
Cecily Holds the Fort - Thanks to Emma for her permission to use this image! * Joey's first book
* A school story
* Eilunedd's inspiration for her campaign against Peggy Bettany in Peggy
* Cecily - an ordinary schoolgirl, the heroine, frequently at war with Miss Travers, almost destroys the science lab
* Sylvia Richardson - dislikes Cecily
* Miss Travers - science mistress, based on the Chalet School's Miss Wilson
The Story:
Jo at work on <i>Cecily</i> Set at a day school called St Michael's High School, the book follows Cecily through her adventures. She comes close to blowing up the lab and is usually at war with her science mistress. Sylvia Richardson starts up a whispering campaign against her. Cecily tackles Sylvia and the issue is resolved.
Created in: Jo Returns to the Chalet School
Dedication: To my darling sister, Madge
Published in: A United Chalet School
Cost: three-and-sixpenny (page 92 of A United Chalet School)
Mentioned in: Jo Returns, United, War, Tom , Mystery, Peggy, Problem, Theodora and Trick

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Patrol-Leader Nancy
* Joey's third book
* A Guide story
Dedication: To my Robin
Mentioned in: War and Again

Tessa in Tirol
* Joey's fourth book
Mentioned in: Carola, War, Again and Future

Gipsy Jocelyn
* Joey's fourth book
* The story of Jocelyn Wyatt and her caravan holiday.
Dedication: To Jack Maynard
Mentioned in: War, Lavender, Gay and Tom

Indian Holiday
* The result of Joey's trip to India before WWII
Mentioned in: Lavender

Nancy Meets a Nazi
* Based on Joey's experiences during Exile
* Includes a story-line based on the moving of the Chalet School to the Sonnalpe (as stated in & Co p108)
* Stopped Joey's nightmares about her escape from Austria (as stated in Future p115)
* Sequel to Patrol-Leader Nancy
Dedication: Dedicated to the Triplets
Mentioned in: War, Gay, Mystery, & Co, Future and News Letter 18

The Robin's Make Good
* A Guide story
Mentioned in: Lavender

The Lost Staircase
* A Mystery
* Based on the adventures of Jesanne Gellibrand and Lois Bennett
Mentioned in: Rescue

The Secret House
Mentioned in: Tom and Mystery

The Leader of the Lost Cause
* Historical fiction
* "'s glorious, though it's a historical novel - all about the Forty-Five, you know." - Mystery, p20
* the Brownlow family attempted to get film rights but were refused
Mentioned in: Mystery

The Rose Patrol in the Alps
* A Guide story
Mentioned in: Carola

Swords for King Charles
* Historical Fiction.
* Probably the same book as Swords for the King!
Mentioned in: Oberland, Sams and News Letter 18

Dora and the Lower Fifth
* A School story
* Len Maynard's favourite book (as stated in Goes, p41)
* Dora
* Mary
* Jane
* Agnes
* Susan

Dedication: To my sister Madge, who prefers names of the plain Jane variety
Mentioned in: Goes and Future

Audrey Wins the Trick
* A School story
* "...about older girls..." - Goes, p41
Mentioned in: Goes

Buttercups and Daisies
* A Guide story
* Published the Christmas before Does It Again
Mentioned in: Again

Werner of the Alps
* "This is a history yarn...about the Swiss fighting the Swiss revolutionaries." - Future, p14
* Published the Easter before Does It Again
Mentioned in: Again, Problem, Future and Summer

King's Soldiermaid
* Historical Fiction.
Mentioned in: New Mistress

Swords Crossed
* Historical Fiction.
* A best seller
Mentioned in: New Mistress

Mystery at Heron Lake
* A Mystery
* Wilma
Mentioned in: Future

The Golden Staircase
* A poetry anthology of lesser known poems for schools
* Joey works on it for over five years
Mentioned in: Mary-Lou and Summer

Untitled Cookbook
* "...she once wrote a cookbook..." - Kenya
* Probably The Chalet Girls' Cook Book
Mentioned in: Kenya and Excitements

* To be based on the adventures of Rufus
* Suggested by Monica Marilliar
* Intended for the Triplets
Mentioned in: Lavender (p285)

The image for Cecily Holds the Fort is used with permission from Emma and uses an illustration by Cicely Mary Barker.