Cecily Holds the Fort: Quotations

* "...she [Jo] contrived to keep Cecily merely an ordinary schoolgirl, who led quite an ordinary life at school. She was making it a day-school..." - Jo Returns to the Chalet School, p52

* "... she [Jo] introduced a science mistress, who bore a remarkable resemblance to Miss Wilson...using two or three of that lady's idiosyncrasies in the portrait of Miss Travers, with whom Cecily was frequently at war. Jo was not of a scientific turn herself and Cecily was made to hate anything of the kind. With recollections of a certain fatal "experiment" of Evadne's, Jo provided a similar sensation for St Michael's High School, when Cecily nearly wrecked the laboratory in consequence of her carelessness. Further memories helped her to add a few more pranks to her heroine's record. At the same time, the book contained nothing that might not have happened at the best regulated of schools, though it must be admitted that most schools do not have such a spate of happenings all at once." - Jo Returns to the Chalet School, p52-53

* "...her [Joey's] characters were neither diabolically bad nor angelically good, but just normal girls of the type she met every day. She had expunged the one or two most startling adventures of her heroine after Polly's exploit... Jo had a crisp, racy style of her own, and she could tell a story well. Cecily was remarkably well drawn; and as for the science mistres... Jo had reproduced Bill to the life." - Jo Returns to the Chalet School, p132

"Such an attractive dust jacket with a picture of a jolly schoolgirl bearing aloft a standard! Beneath this was a bright blue back, and there were four charming illustrations, the frontispiece being coloured." - A United Chalet School, p86

"The book was one of Jo Maynard's which, as it happened she [Eilunedd] had never read - the first that lady had ever published... Jo had a racy way of telling her story, and her characters were, on the whole, very true to life. The school in Cecily Holds the Fort was a day school, and the Chalet School was boarding, but here and there Eilenudd could see where the latter had given colour to the former. Cecily, the heroine, was a charming girl, and be no means too good to be true. Half-way through the book, she became embroiled with another girl, one Sylvia Richardson, who started a whispering campaign against her, and Cecily had some very unpleasant moments before she found out what was behind it all. Cecily in the story tackled Sylvia, and the result was that the quarrel was made up and the campaign stopped." - Peggy of the Chalet School, p155.