What Happened Next & Explanations

Taken from the Chalet Club News Letters.

Elisaveta Arnsornia
"Elisaveta is living at Arosa in Switzerland." - News Letter Eight
"Elisaveta married Raphael, Duc de Mirolani. Her country went Red and the King is in Australia while she, now widowed, lives near Arosa with her family." - News Letter Thirteen

Eustacia Benson
"Eustacia is giving a series of lectures on the great Greek dramatists." - News Letter Seventeen
"Eustacia is not married and it is, I think, unlikely for her as she is a student, pure and simple." - News Letter Eighteen

Bride Bettany
"Bride is not married but is hoping for marriage in another year or so. Bride hasn't started her family yet."
News Letters Eighteen

Betty Wynne-Davies
"I have no news of Betty-Wynne Davies, but Elizabeth and she did not meet again."
News Letter Twenty

Tom Gay
"Tom went to the Universiy and later took up Settlement work, mainly with boys. Tom's last appearance was at the Coming-og-age festivities. The book telling of her arrival, TOM TACKLES THE CHALET SCHOOL, is a later one and comes shortly before the school removes to St. Briavel's."
News Letter Five

Jacynth Hardy
"She is not married yet." - News Letter Fifteen
"Jacynth is pursuing a musical career." - News Letter Seventeen

Robin Humphries
"They dropped "the" when Robin grew up." - News Letter Sixteen
"Robin read Modern Languages first and Social Sciences later." - News Letter Twenty

Gay Lambert
"I'm afraid I don't know the name of Gay's husband."
News Letter Fourteen

Simone Lecoutier
"Some of you ask in what books Simone Lecoutier occurs after her marriage described in THE CHALET SCHOOL GOES TO IT. She comes into GAY FROM CHINA and JOEY GOES TO THE OBERLAND. apart from that and CHALET SCHOOL REUNION, there are only casual mentions of her. She has four youngsters now, beginning with Tessa who is just fifteen, and continuing with two small boys and a very new baby daughter."
News Letter Fifteen

Emmie & Joanna Linders
"Emmie Linders married two or three years after the School returned to the Alps. Joanne also married a year or so earlier."
News Letter Eighteen

Con Maynard
"Nothing would horrify Con more than to be a leader. You have to live up to your character and she isn't of the stuff from which leaders are made. She will become a writer."
News Letter Fourteen

Felicity Maynard
"I think she will go in for ballet. By the way, she is not quite nine, so there is plenty of time to decide her future."
News Letter Fifteen

Joey Maynard
"So far, Joey seems to be going to have no more babies. After all, eleven is a length family for these days!"
News Letter Fifteen

Joey & Jack Maynard
"They went off 'Victor' when Geoff was christened."
News Letter Sixteen

Len, Con & Margot Maynard
"All Joey's girls are too young to think of marriage as yet. The Triplets are not yet eighteen and as they all intend to take a university course they have no time to take such thoughts seriously. It is true that Dr. Entwistle shows an interest in Len, and Len is beginning to have some inkling of this; but whether it will come to anything later on neither I now anyone else can tell you at the moment. Con has little or no time for anything but her writing; and Margot has far other ideas about her future. So there we must leave them for the present. We must wait to see how things work out for all three." - News Letter Fifteen
"The first date was a misprint. The Triplets were born on 5th November." - News Letter Twenty

Grace Nalder
"The engagement was broken off and Miss Nalder returned to teaching. See The Chalet School in the Oberland."
News Letter Nineteen

Nina Rutherford
"Nina is pursuing a musical career." - News Letter Seventeen

Charmian Spence
"Charmian Spence is at St. Mildred's."
News Letter Sixteen

Margia Stevens
"Margia is pursuing a musical career." - News Letter Seventeen

Daisy Venables
"Daisy Venables is not only marries, but helps with the children's wards at the Sanatorium."
News Letter Seventeen

Bruno von Ahlen
"After the war Bruno von Ahlen had to take what work he could obtain and this was the best chance."
News Letter Eighteen

Thekla von Stift
"Thekla vanished during the war."
News Letter Sixteen

The Original Chalet
"I'm afraid it's impossible to move the school back to Tirol. The original buildings are now in the hands of the reservoir folk."
News Letter Fourteen

The Chalet School Guides
"The Chalet School Guide Company has not carried on in Switzerland because there is little or no time for it. The English branch has, however, a flourishing Company."
News Letter Fifteen

VIa & VIb
"The girls in VIa are specialists, mostly preparing for degrees and dilomas. The girls in VIb are top form for ordinary school work though they, too, specialise in some degree."
News Letter Fifteen

"Belsornia is a republic."
News Letter Sixteen

Married Chaletians
"Cornelia - Evadne - Frieda - Simone - Marie von Eschenau and her sister Wanda - Verity-Anne - Gisela - Bernhilda - Amy Stevens - Gay - Peggy - Bride - and quite a number of others."