Staff of the Chalet School

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Head Mistress
Miss Hilda Annersley
Miss Madge Bettany
Miss Mabel Bubb
Miss Juliet Carrick - at the Annexe
Mlle Therese Elise Lepattre
Miss Nell Wilson - also of St Mildred's

Senior Mistress
Miss Hilda Annersley
Mlle Jeanne de Lachennais
Miss Ruth Derwent
Miss Mollie Maynard
Mrs Marjorie Redmond (nee Durrant)
Miss Nell Wilson

Annexe Staff
Miss Juliet Carrick - head
Miss Grizel Cochrane - music

Miss Nesta Davidson - Junior
Miss Marjorie Durrant - drawing
Herr Laubach
Miss Rosalind Yolland

Herr Franz Helfen
Mr Manders
Herr von Borken
Herr von Falck

Miss Marjorie Durrant

Domestic Science
Frau Anna Mieders

Miss Anderson
Miss Sharlie Andrews - Junior
Miss Hilda Annersley - literature
Josephine Bettany - essay-writing coach
Miss Madge Bettany
Miss Ruth Derwent - Head, Senior
Miss Kathleen Ferrars - Inter V
Miss Greene - Junior
Miss Ivy Norman - Junior
Miss Vi Norton - language and literature
Miss Oldroyd - Junior
Mrs Marjorie Redmond (nee Durrant) - Senior
Miss Robinson - Junior
Mrs Madge Russell - Senior literature
Miss Linda Stone - literature
Miss Ivy Stephens - dictation

Form Mistresses
Miss Joan Bertram - Lower IIIa?
Miss Mary Burnett - Upper II
Miss Beth Carey - Lower IIIa?
Mlle Jeanne de Lachennais - VIa
Miss Sally Denny - Upper III
Miss Dollie Edwards - Upper II
Miss Kathleen Ferrars - Inter V, Vb
Miss Gillian Linton - Upper IIa
Miss Bridget O'Ryan - Upper IV/V
Miss Pam Slater - Lower III, Lower IV, Upper IVa
Miss Deborah Smith - Upper IVb
Miss Linda Stone - Lower IVa
Miss Nancy Wilmot - Va

Mlle Julie Berne
Mlle Jeanne de Lachennais - Medieval & Modern
Miss Ivy Norman - coach

Miss Rhyll/Betty Everett

Miss Joan Bertram
Josephine Bettany - coach
Miss Kathleen Ferrars - Junior, Upper IVa & b, Inter V, Senior
Miss Rosalind Moore - Head, Senior
Miss Ivy Stevens/Stephens - Junior
Miss Nell Wilson

Miss Sharlie Andrews - diktat
Mlle Julie Berne
Miss Sally Denny - advanced, coach

Guides & Brownies
Miss Anderson - Lieutenant to the Tiernsee Second (formerly Third)
Josephine Bettany - Lieutenant to the Tiernsee Third
Miss Madge Bettany - Captain
Miss Kit Leslie - Lieutenant to the Tiernsee Second
Miss Mollie Maynard - Lieutenant
Miss Ivy Stephens - Tawny Owl
Miss Nell Wilson - Captain

Miss Beth Carey
Miss Sally Denny
Miss Winter
Unknown - Miss Carey's replacement

Herr Franz Helfen

Josephine Bettany - coach
Miss Mary Burnett
Miss May Carthew
Miss Rosemary Charlesworth
Madame Bridget Courvoisier
Mrs Josephine Maynard
Miss Bridget O'Ryan
Miss Con Stewart

House Mistresses
Miss Mary Burnett - St Scholastika's
Miss Dorothy Edwards - St Agnes
Frau Anna Mieders - St Hild's
Miss Nancy Wilmot - Ste Therese's
Miss Nell Wilson - St Clare's

Miss Sally Denny

Junior School
Miss Alton - Head of KG
Miss Charlotte Andrews - Form III, later Head
Miss Joan Bertram
Miss Beth Carey
Miss Marjorie Durrant
Miss Dollie Edwards - Head
Miss Gillian Linton - KG
Miss Morley - KG
Miss Ivy Norman - Head of KG, Head of Junior School
Miss May Phipps - Head of KG
Miss Pam Slater - Head
Miss Ivy Stephens

Mlle Julie Berne
Miss Mabel Bubb - Senior
Mlle Jeanne de Lachennais
Mrs Josephine Maynard

Miss Dollie Edwards - Junior
Miss Kathleen Ferrars - Junior, Middle & Inter V
Miss Simone Lecoutier (later de Bersac)
Miss Kit Leslie
Miss Mollie Maynard
Miss Grace Nalder - coach
Miss Pam Slater - Senior
Miss Deborah Smith - Junior
Miss Soames
Miss Nancy Wilmot

Matron Bellenger - St Hild's
Matron Besly - St Clare's
Matron Duffin - St Clare's
Matron Gould - Le Petit Chalet (later St Agnes')
Matron Gowland
Barbara Henschell - St Agnes'
Gwynneth Lloyd - Ste Therese's, St Agnes
Gertrude Rider
Margot Venables - St Clare's
Matron Webb - first matron
Matron Wilson
Matron Wood - Ste Therese's

Modern Languages
Mlle Julie Berne - Head at St Mildred's
Mlle Jeanne de Lachennais - Head
Mlle Therese Elise Lepattre

Herr Anserl
Miss Grizel Cochrane - Head
Miss Sally Denny - assistant
Mr Tristan Denny - theory
Miss Dorothy Lawrence - Head
Mlle Celine Lenoir - junior mistress
Herr Steinach
Herr Ernst von Everhard - theory

Miss Ames
Herr Anserl
Miss Sally Denny
Miss Elliot
Miss Dorothy Lawrence
Herr Ernst von Eberhardt

PT & Games
Miss Hilary Burn
Miss Peggy Burnett
Miss Grace Nalder

Miss Cicely Armitage
Miss Davida Armitage - Va and under
Miss Nell Wilson

Miss Hilda Annersley

Miss Rosalie Dene

Mlle Julie Berne
Mlle Therese Elise Lepattre

Mr Tristan Denny

Miss Sally Denny

St Mildred's Staff
Mlle Julie Berne - French language and literature
Miss Gillian Culver - secretary
Miss Grace Nalder - musical appreciation
Miss Vi Norton - English language and literature
Miss Nell Wilson - Head, science

Mr Tristan Denny
Herr Freibach
Herr Mahler

Miss Barton
Miss Renie Bell
Miss Eustacia Benson
Fraulein Felsen
Miss Johnson
Miss Howard
Mlle le Martin
Miss Robinson
Miss Wells