Who's Who at the Chalet School?

Taken from the Chalet Club News Letters.

MADGE RUSSELL (nèe Bettany). Founder of the Chalet School at the age of 24. She began it in a chalet on the shores of the Tiernsee in Austrian Tirol, her first pupils being her younger sister, Joey, Simone Lecoutier, cousin of the friend who joined her in the venture, and Grizel Cochrane a friend of Joey's. Once established, the school prospered almost at once and by the end of the first term had ten pupils. Two years later Madge married Dr. James Russell, head of a small sanatorium on the Sonnalpe at the far side of the lake, but the school carried on under Mdlle. Lepâttre until the trouble with Germany began when school and Sanatorium had to close - by which time Madge had two daughters, Sybil and Josette, and was unable to teach, though she retained her interest in the school. At the present time, a third daughter, Ailie, and twin sons, Kevin and Kester, have been added to her family and she and the two elder girls are in Australia where Jem - now Sir James Russell - is guest of honour at certain medical conferences.

JOEY MAYNARD (nèe Bettany). The school's first pupil. Beginning as a delicate girl of twelve, Joey goes through all the books, first s Middle, then Senior, then Prefect and finally Head Girl. She married Dr. Jack Maynard, one of Dr. Russell's co-workers and proceeded to start a family with triplet daughters. She also wrote books for girls and historical novels and contrived to remain a Chalet Girl despite these many interests and a growing family, which now includes three boys, Stephen, Charles and Michael; twins, Felix and Felicity; a fourth girl, Cecil; and (her last effort) twins, Geoffrey an Philippa. She has moved with the School except for a year or so in Canada, and is now living in the Oberland where Jack Maynard is head of a sanatorium on the Görnetz Platz where the school has been established, though it still has a branch in England.

THÉRÈSE ESTELLE LEPÂTTRE. Madge's partner and, after Madge's marriage, Head of the Chalet School until serious illness caused her to resign. She died during the first year of the war and the Thérèse Lepâttre Scholarship was founded in her name as a memorial by Madge, Joey and various other members of the school.

GRIZEL COCHRANE. Joey's friend who became the second pupil of the Chalet School. She was a year or so older than Jo and a difficult girl partly owing to her home circumstances. She got into endless difficulties, but finally came through as Head Girl. Thereafter she took up music as a career, much against her will, and returned to the school as music mistress. Later, she joined a friend in a music shop in New Zealand. But life has always been hard for Grizel and it was not until she came to stay with Joey in the Oberland (where she had a serious accident involving weeks of invalidism) that things finally worked out for her and she cast off the rather unpleasant personality she had hitherto shown to the world.

SIMONE DE BERSAC (née Lecoutier). Third pupil of the Chalet School and cousin of Mddle. Lepâttre. Simone is French, emotional and sentimental with a passionate love for Joey. Life in the Chalet School strengthened her and she has grown into a fine well-balanced woman. simone is married and at the present moment has four chuldren - two girls and two boys. She and Joey retain their old friendship throughout.

FRIEDA VON AHLEN (née Mensch). One of the quartette of which Joey Maynard is the leader. Frienda begins as a rather colourless though charming girl. Through the books she develops into a much stronger person. She married the same year that Joey's triplets are born and her family consists of Louis - Gerard - Gretchen (now at the School), Carlotta and Andreas. She lives in Basle now, in one of the suburbs and, though very busy with her family, yet finds time to keep up with the school, her old friends, and, especially, the other three members of the Quartette, Joey, Simone and Marie.

MARIE VON UND ZU WERTHEIM (née von Eschenau). The fourth member of the Quartette and the first to marry. During her schooldays, one of the school beauties - known as 'Cinders' - but quite unaffected by it. Very jolly and friendly. Her family consists of Wolferl and Josefa who were born in America, three other boys, Carl, Friedrich and Otto born in Tirol after Marie and her husband, Eugen, had been able to claim his castle and estate of Schloss Wertheimer; also one more girl, Ilse, the baby of the family, who is, at the moment, just five years old.

NELL WILSON. Came to the Chalet School during its first year as science and geography mistress. Quickly became one of the best-loved of all the mstresses, despite a biting tongue on occasion. Later was first senior mistress of the school and then co-head with Miss Annersley after the death of Mddle Lepâttre. Later still, when the school began the Finishing Branch in the Oberland, remained as Head of St Mildred's, but continued to teach science to advanced pupils at the School. Godmother of Jo's eldest girl, who was named after her, Mary Helena (Len). On two occasions visited U.S.A. and Australasia on a tour of educational establishements.

HILDA ANNERSLEY. Joined the School as English Mistress a year or so after Miss Wilson. Quickly gained her footing there and when illness ended Mdlle Lepâttre's career as Head, agreed to accept the headship. Later, was joined by Miss Wilson as partner. Was in charge of the removal, first to Guernsey and then to Armishire during the wartime troubles. Later still was in control when the School moved first to St Briavel's off the south coast of Wales, and, finally to the Görnetz Platz in the Oberland. Absent during the whole of one term in Armishire as the result of an accident. Otherwise completely identified herself with the School.

SIR JEM (JAMES) RUSSELL, Kt. Head of the first Sanatorium on the Sonnalpe. Married Madge Bettany. On Anschluss, finally left Tirol for (1st) Guernsey (2nd) the Welsh Mountains where he re-established the Sanatorium. Brilliant doctor and surgeon in great demand for conferences at home and abroad on his own subject - pulmonary diseases. Off-duty an inveterate tease.

JACK (JOHN) MAYNARD. Assistant to Sir Jem on Sonnalpe. Brother of Miss Maynard (q.v.). Falls in love with Joey Bettany in her later schooldays and marries her after their escape from Tirol. On establishment of Görnetz Platz branch of Sanatorium is appointed head. Now living out there.

MOLLIE MACKENZIE (née Maynard). Twin sister of Jack Maynard. First assistant mistress at the Chalet School until her marriage on which she went to New Zealand with her husband and went in for sheep-farming. Mother of five boys and twin girls, all grown-up in last book. At present visiting friends and relatives in England and Europe, following on a course of treatment for glandular trouble.

ROBIN HUMPHRIES (Soeur Marie-Cécile). Adopted sister of Madge and Joey. Mother died of T.B. when she was six and father later killed in climbing accident. Educated at Chalet School and Oxford where she read modern languages. Later went in for settlement work but health broke down. When recovered, entered the teaching Order of La Sagesse in Canada. Recently had been teaching in a Provencal convent to which she was "lent." Now returned to her Mother House at Toronto.

NANCY WILMOT. Formerly a pupil at St Scholastika's, but became a Chaletian when the two schools joined (THE NEW CHALET SCHOOL). Later, after her career in the W.R.N.S. ended, taught in various schools until, after the school went to the Oberland, she returned to it as Senior maths mistress. Big, fair, very pretty and jolly, she was greatly liked by the girls and is still at the school.

HILARLY BURN. Another pupil from St Scholastika. After schooldays ended, she trained as a P.T. mistress and rejoined the school the Christmas term after it removed from Guernsey to "Armiford" (LAVENDER LAUGHS IN THE CHALET SCHOOL). Later, she met a Dr Graves, thanks to a thrilling adventure in CAROLA STORMS THE CHALET SCHOOL, and they became engaged and married. Dr Graves joins the staff of the Sanatorium after the branch in the Oberland opens. Nowadays Hilary is busy running her big flat and bringing up Marjorie, Lois and Winkie, her three children.

CLEMENCY BARRAS. Otherwise Clem, meets Mary-Lou Trelawney when both are quite young and they make friends instantly. When Mr Barras, an artist decides to move from Cornwall to the Western Isles, Clem's younger brother Tony plays a trick on his quick-tempered father which decides school for both Tony and Clem. Clem arrives at the Chalet School at the half-term after Mary-Lou goes there and the old friendship holds fast. Clem makes good at the school, and when Mr and Mrs Barras are drowned in a yachting accident, the pair are left in charge of Mrs Trelawney. Later, Clem goes in for art and at present is working hard at her profession and is still in some sense Mary-Lou's adopted elder sister. Refer to THREE GO TO THE CHALET SCHOOL and all later books.

JOSETTE RUSSELL. Second daughter of Madge Russell. Proper name Josephie Mary. Born shortly after Madge and the Sanatorium left Tirol. Pwing to a bad accident when she was three, remained delicate for some years, but two years in Canada put an end to that. She has now left school and is in Australia where she had become engaged and will shortly bemarried. She is nineteen.

HILARY BENNETT. Came to the school from another Chalet School (THE WRONG CHALET SCHOOL) with the reputation of being an imp of mischief. Became a member of Mary-Lou's Gang and, thanks to the school's influence, became a thoroughly nice, respsonsible girl and excellent prefect. She is now training to become a P.T. mistress.

BARBARA CHESTER. Another of the Gang. Sister of Beth and Nancy Chester. As a little child so frail she never went to school until she was fourteen. Switzerland put the finishing touches to her growing strength and she goes through the school with Mary-Lou and Co, finishing up as an important prefect. She is now at St Mildred's, but starts out on her training as a secretary and chauffeuse.

VIOLA LUCY. Another member of the Gang and one of Mary-Lou's greatest friends. Sister of Julie and Betsy Lucy. She is working at one of the big London art schools, preparatory to taking up a career as an art designer.