The Chalet Girls Grow Up
by Merryn Williams

First published in paperback in 1998 by Plas Gwyn Books. Illustrated by Liz Silk. Reprinted in 1999 (twice).

1998 & 1999 Plas Gwyn Books 1990....three women get off the train to revisit the place in Switzerland where they spent their girlhood....
The Maynard triplets left the famous Chalet School in 1958 with their futures looking bright. Indeed their mother, Jo, assumed that two of them were settled for life. Len was going to marry Dr Reg Entwistle and become a happy wife and mother. Con intended to be a famous novelist. And Margot, one of the most difficult girls the school had ever taught, had surprised everyone by her decision to work as a medical missionary in the Third World.
But the world was changing; the values the triplets had been brought up in were coming under attack. This sequel to the Chalet School series follows the three sisters from the 1960s to 1990, years in which women's lives were utterly transformed. - 1998 & 1999 Plas Gwyn Books
UK 9.99