During its 25 year existence, the Chalet School was forced to move several times. Founded in the Austrian Tyrol, it was forced to leave with Nazi Germany declared Anschluss with Austria. A year later it reopened in Guernsey, but with war on the horizon, and the island dangerously close to the Continent, the school had to move once more. This time it found its home in Armishire. A few years later the drains at Plas Howell proved to be defective, forcing the school to move yet again. Its final British home was on the island of St Brival's, off the Welsh coast. After a year in The Big House the school moved for the final time to the Gornetz Platz in the Swiss Oberland.

Some of the places Elinor M Brent-Dyer used in her books were ficticous, but others were very real. And then there are those half way between reality and fiction. To find out more about the Chalet School locations, follow the links below:

The Austrian Tirol