From it's small beginnings, the Chalet School grows to be one of the most famous girls' schools in the world. There's no end of excitement and adventure and it's every girl dream to be a pupil there.
The Chalet School...The School With A Difference!

Welcome to The Chalet School Journal, revamped to celebrate it's move to

Dedicated to the works of Elinor M. Brent-Dyer, this shrine is named after her most famous series of books - The Chalet School. However, the content is not restricted to this series alone. Since my first meeting with Brent-Dyer, or EBD as she is nicknamed, I have developed a deep interest in both author and books. This website grew out of that interest (or obsession if you prefer!). The site aims to provide visitors with all of the information they could ever possibly want about EBD and her published material. While I do my best to keep adding to the site, donations are always welcome!

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