Accidents & Alarms at the Chalet School: Details

Incidents Involving: Takes Place In:
School, and Jo, Gay, Summer
Anonymous Letters Rivals
Another School Visitors, Rivals, New, Bride
Anti-German Sentiment Lavender, Three
Antiquated Language Peggy
Bullying Rebel
Coventry/Solitary Confinement School, Exploits, Lavender, Island
Death New, Exile, Lavender, Gay, Three, Leader
Disastrous Cooking Lintons, Lavender, Carola
Effigies Camp, New House, shocks
Expelling Rivals, Rebel
and Jo, Rebel
False Accusations Exile, Peggy, Barbara
Fire/Explosions Head Girl, Exploits, United, Adrienne
Floods/Water Jo of, Eustacia, Exploits, New House, Exile, Gay, Island, Peggy, Shocks, Changes, Richenda, Summer
Hair School, Head Girl, Adrienne
Illness School, Jo of, Head Girl, Rivals, Eustacia, and Jo, Lintons, Returns, Exile, Lavender, Gay, Three, Peggy, Oberland, Bride, Mistress, Richenda, Summer, Adrienne
Ink/Dye School, Lavender, Changes, Summer
Joey Maynard School, Jo of, Princess, Visitors, Head Girl, Rivals, Camp, and Jo, Exploits, Rebel, New House, Returns, New, Exile, Lavender, Gay, Island, Peggy, Shocks, Bride, Changes, Richenda, Summer, Adrienne
Kidnapping Princess, Head Girl, New, Triplets
Lost Family New House, Island, Summer, Adrienne
Midnight Feasts Lintons
Mountains School, Head Girl, Rivals
Moving Exile, Island, Shocks, Barbara
Near-Death School, Jo of, Rivals, Rebel, Oberland, Bride
Pits/Holes Princess, Camp, Exploits, Shocks, Summer
Rufus/Animals Jo of, Princess, Head Girl, Camp, Exile, Changes, Summer
Running Away School, Jo of, Head Girl, Eustacia, Returns, Exile, Gay, Island, Peggy
Secret Societies Princess, Rivals, New House, New
Slapping/Shaking Eustacia, Exploits, Lavender
Sleepwalking New House, Carola, Triplets
Snow/Frost Eustacia, Lavender, Peggy, Oberland, Barbara, Triplets, Adrienne
Spies Exile
Storms School, Princess, Exploits, United, Peggy, Changes, Richenda, Summer
Throwing of Random Objects Head Girl, Bride, Triplets
Train/Bus Accidents School, Gay, Peggy, Summer
Trees Visitors
Unsuitable Staff Princess, New House, Gay