The Chambers, Collins & Armada Introductions to the Chalet School

Far and away the most popular girls' stories of recent years. Miss Brent-Dyer has won tens of thousands of admirers by those racy tales of school life in the Tyrol and elsewhere. - W. & R. Chambers

Elinor M. Brent-Dyer has written many books about life at the famous Alpine school. Follow the thrilling adventures of Joey, Mary-Lou and all the other well-loved characters in these delightful stories, available from Armada. - Armada

When Madge Bettany started the smallest school in Austria, little did she know how enduring would be its popularity or, indeed, just how many alarms and excursions would take place over the years. For not only does the school grow hugely but it also has to take in several moves, ending up in the Swiss Oberland. But never does the school lose its appeal - certainly not to Joey Bettany heroine of the series, through whose eyes we experience the mountain accidents and adventures of its pupils, and watch the coming of age of more than one generation of schoolgirls. - 1998 Collins