The Karl Anserl Scholarship
Provides for three years at the Royal College of Music and two at the Paris conservatoire.
(The Chalet School and the Island)

The Josephine Bettany Essay Prize

The Jospehine Bettany Scholarship
Provides for school and subsequent training.
Awarded to Adrienne Desmoines.
(Adrienne at the Chalet School)

The Therese Lepattre Scholarship
Awarded every three years (Gay)
Provides for studying at Oxford or Cambridge with an optional period at the Sorbonne (Island)
Also provides for current expenses (Gay)
Updated to include living allowance and fees for London (Triplets)

The Nina Rutherford Musical Scholarship

The Margot Venables Prize
Awarded to the girl who has done the most to help others.
Gay Lambert is the first recipient.
Joey Maynard makes it annual award using the royalties of one of her books which is dedicated to Mrs Venables.
(Gay Lambert at the Chalet School)

An award given to leaders who give the school their all.
Mary-Lou Trelawney is the first recipient and recieves a first aid kit for her future career in archaeology.
(Theodora at the Chalet School)