Ten Commandments of the Chalet School - Kati741

1. You will start at the Chalet School not knowing one scrap of French/German but after a few weeks you will be understanding both, conversing freely in both and having lessons in both completing your essays/assignments etc in the chosen language. After all even the dimmest of people usually get SOME idea after a few weeks of hearing nothing but French/German spoken around them all the time.

2. You will be ski-ing like an expert after one or two tries.

3. You will make a wonderful contribution to the Sale through the Hobbies Club.

4. You will make a wonderful garment at one of the Evenings out of a few materials/ paper.

5. You will have a sticky accident/ get lost/ go AWOL. You won't know when it will happen but its waiting for you.

6. You will find one particular person doesn't like you. You don't know why but they dont. You shouldn't worry - they will rescue you from your sticky accident and you will be very good friends after that.

7. You will be invited to tea by an amazing woman who writes books has eleven children and a compulsion to find/adopt more yet finds time to run the school as well (in all but name).

8. You will be fined for talking slang although it may appear perfectly good English to you. Don't argue - you never argue with a Prefect.

9. You will realise the Maynard Trips can do no wrong.

10. You will have at least one major fault with your character - you are impulsive/ headstrong/self-willed/ have a wicked temper - etc. If you are lucky and one of the Chosen these faults will be overlooked. If you are not woe betide you!!!