Elinor M. Brent-Dyer had over 100 published books to her credit. Alas for the Chalet School fan, not all were dedicated to everyone's favourite school. However, most are school stories, and one series, The La Rochelle series, has links to the Chalet School stories. Brent-Dyer's other books did not have the appeal of her Chalet School books, to publishers at least, and as a result most are quite difficult to find. Luckily, a few fans have formed their own publishing company and have begun to reprint some of Brent-Dyer's less known titles.

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La Rochelle Titles:
The La Rochelle Logo Gerry Goes To School
A Head Girl's Difficulties
The Maids of La Rochelle
Seven Scamps
Heather Leaves School
Janie of La Rochelle
Janie Steps In

Janeways Titles:
A Thrilling Term at Janeways
Caroline the Second

The New House-Mistress
Judy the Guide
The School by the River
The Little Marie-Jose
The Feud in the Fifth Remove
Carnation of the Upper Fourth
Elizabeth the Gallant
Monica Turns Up Trumps
They Both Liked Dogs
The Little Missus
The Lost Staircase

Wynyards Titles:
Lorna at Wynyards
Stepsisters for Lorna

Chudleigh Hold Titles:
The "Susannah" Adventure
Chudleigh Hold
The Condor Crags Adventure
Top Secret

Geography Readers:
Bess On Her Own in Canada
A Quintette in Queensland
Sharlie's Kenya Diary
Verena Visits New Zealand

Kennelmaid Nan
Nesta Steps Out
Beechy of the Harbour School
Leader in Spite of Herself

Skelton Hall Titles:
The School at Skelton Hall
Trouble at Skelton Hall

Jean of Storms

Short Stories:
A New Flavouring for Pies
Beth's Diary
Carlotta To The Rescue - Come to the Circus, 1938
Cavalier Maid - The Second Coronet Book For Girls
The Christmas Spook
The House of Secrets
Jack's Revenge - Sunday, 1914
Joey's Convict
Joey Goes on Television
Joey Shoves Her Oar In
Johnny Met A Bear
Joy Stays True
The Lady in the Yellow Gown - The Golden Story Book For Girls, 1932
The Midnight That Didn't Come Off
Peter and the Pumpkin
Rescue in the Snows - My Favourite Story
The Rescue of Woolly Bear
The Robins Make Good - The Girl's Own Annual, Vol. 57
Samantha and the Fugitive
Smells of Soot
The Triumverate Went Ski-ing
Woollen Measles
Wopsie the Water-Carrier

Margie's Birthday - Our Little Dots
Tables - Southern Cross Annual for Children, Vol. 2