Margie's Birthday

Published in Our Little Dots, page 27, in 1918. Kindly Donated by Helen Barlow.

1918 Text To-day is Margie's birthday,
And Margie's seven years old;
and a little fairy whispered
That, 'cause she's good as gold,
Dear Mother's dressed a dollie
In lovely white and pink;
And all her clothes take off and on,
Her eyes close, too, I think!

And Daddie's got a picture-book,
And Connie's got a ball,
And brother Ted,some skipping-ropes,
They're piled up in the hall.
There's little notes with every one
All writter plain, to say
That each is for our Margie,
With a wish for a happy day.

I've brought a little parcel, too,
A set of picture-blocks,
They're all packed up so nice and neat
Inside a pretty box.
I'll lay it down upon the pile,
And then away I'll go, And when she opens it she'll read,
"With love from Sister Flo."
- Elinor Brent Dyer