Monica Turns Up Trumps

First published in 1936 by the Religious Tract Society. Reprinted in a revised edition in 1949 by Lutterworth Press.

1936 Hardback Dustwrapper Monica was the despair of all who tried to teach her, not because she was stupid, but because she simply would not learn. She had the reputation of being the form wag at school, and she lived up to it. So her father removed her and sent her to another school.
Monica is a stormy character who will win the affection and and sympathy of all readers, and her troubles at her new school and at home are delightfully described by the author. Monica has a stiff time, but finally she wins through, and in the end turns up trumps. - 1936 Religious Tract Society

1949 & 1952 Hardback Dustwrapper A term of bad work and worse behaviour, and Monica is transferred to a small local school. She hates it, but she turns up trumps. - 1952 Lutterworth Press (on back of The Feud in the Fifth Remove)
1949 & 1952 Hardback Frontispiece