Seven Scamps

First published in 1927 as Seven Scamps: Who Are Not All Boys with a dustwrapper by Percy Tarrant. Reprinted in 1952 with a dustwrapper by Nina K Brisley. First published in paperback in 2001 with a reproduced Brisley cover.

Dedicated to
Elsie Jeanette Oxenham
whose friendship and
books have given me
such pleasure, and to
whom I owe so much

2001 FOCS Seven Scamps is the fourth of La Rochelle title, following immediately after The Maids of La Rochelle. It is set in both England and Guernsey. The scamps are the motherless children of famous explorer, Sir Piers Willoughby. The young Willoughbys have been allowed torun wild since their mother's death for Sir Piers is seldom home at Willoughby Chase. We read of their feud with the curate - Nita Eltringham's future father, their gaining of a new stepmother and their adventures on Guernsey when they meet the Temple sisters, Anne, Elizabeth and Janie, and the Athertons. - 2001 Friends of the Chalet School 2001 FOCS Back Cover Illustration

1927 Hardback Dustwrapper  'She made a snatch and dragged the mushroom hat off'  'When will breakfast be ready?'  'Maidie dodged round him and shot down the drive'  'He picked up his smaller brother'  'Sancho Panza goes to church'  'She caught Rosamund's ankles to haul her in'  'The 'ghosts' of Lilhou Island'  'Peter turned to the column at which the small boy was pointing'