Stepsisters for Lorna

First published in 1947 by C. & J. Temple Limited. Illustrated by John Bruce.

the memory of
Whose tastes in literature were so very much akin
to my own

1947 Hardback Dustwrapper As the title indicates, this addition to the "Wynyards School" series deals with the advent of "stepsisters for Lorna." Those who have already made the acquaintance of the girls of Wynyards in general, and of Kit and Lorna in particular, will welcome further news of them. Kit is at Oxford now, and so no longer a member of the Wynyards world, but in her place we meet Rosemary and Marigold. Living in England and going to school are new experiences for Rosemary and Marigold; and a pair of ready-made sisters are just as much of a novelty for Lorna! The account of how they all settled down makes a delightful story. The book is fully illustrated by John Bruce. - C. & J. Temple Limited 1947

Strange News from Madeira (p7) The Bolt from the Blue (p17)  'I Can't Bear It!' (p27) That Jonah Day! (p35) The Corbetts Arrive (p46) Page 49 Lower Than Lorna (p58)  'We're Lorna's New Sisters!' (p67) War to the Knife! (p82) Sunday's Events (p97) Further Developments (p109) Page 117 Heavy-Footed Nemesis (p123) Discipline for Rosemary The Great Snowstorm (p150) Back to School (p165) The Return of Marigold (p175) A Stormy Petrel (p189)  'I'll Teach That Lorna!' (p202) Kit Comes Home (p211) Christmas Day (p224) Page 233