Current Students

Jack Lambert "I came to the Chalet School wth high hopes and, luckily, I have not been disappointed! I have gotten myself into more than my fair share of scrapes, but the staff and the prefects have always exercised just the right amount of discipline. Being a member of the school is helping me to reform my unruly character." - Jack Lambert.

Len Maynard "As my Mama was the first pupil of the Chalet School, my sisters and I have always known we would attend the school too. Thanks to Mama we know all the old legends that help to make the school such a special place. Although we live right next door, my sisters and I board, and have done for years now. We started right at the bottom - how long ago it seems now! - and have worked our way up to being Prefects. I am proud to say that I am the current Head Girl." - Len Maynard.

Theodora Grantley "Having been expelled from three - or was it four? - schools before this one, I didn't hold out much hope for my chances at the Chalet School. However, Mrs Maynard, the school's first pupil, told me that things could change here and gave me a nickname - Ted. Since then, I've been getting along in leaps and bounds, apart from the small drawback of Margot's jealousy. But we've put all of that behind us now, and I'm proud to say that I'm a Chalet girl through and through!" - Ted Grantley