St Mildred's - The Finishing School

Established just over five years ago, St Mildred's is a branch of the School proper. Run by Miss Nell Wilson, the co-head of the Chalet School, St Mildred's aim is to provide a specialised education to its members as well as to furnish them with the skills needed to get by in all types of society.

Summer Hiking The curriculum is broad and each girl is given coaching tailored to her future needs. Due to the adult nature of the pupils, rules are kept to a minimum and a great deal of freedom is allowed.

Winter Sports Non-educational activites are also carried out. These include dinner parties, dancing, hiking, skiing and the staging of the now annual pantomime.

There is a permanent complement of staff at St Mildred's which is often fleshed out by visiting mistresses from the Chalet School itself. A list of the permanent staff members can be viewed below:

Mlle Julie Berne - French language and literature
Miss Gillian Culver - secretary
Miss Grace Nalder - musical appreciation
Miss Vi Norton - English language and literature
Miss Nell Wilson - Head, science

All applications should be made in writing to:

Miss Gillian Culver
St Mildred's Finishing School
The Gornetz Platz
Bernese Oberland

The Annual Pantomime