Old Girls

Joey Maynard As the first pupil of the school, Joey Mayard is often quoted as saying she will be a Chalet girl until she dies. From a troublesome Middle and editor of the Chaletian, Joey became a Prefect and then Head Girl - the best the school has ever had. After school she began a writing career as Josephine M Bettany, her maiden name. She married Dr Jack Maynard, head of the Bernese Oberland Sanatorium and has had eleven children! In between all of this she has published over twenty-five books and helped countless individuals.

Biddy O'Ryan Biddy O'Ryan was adopted by a group of Chalet School guides when they found her weeping on the shore of the Tiernsee. As she had no family it was decided that the school would take care of her. She began her career at the Chalet School as a naughty Middle and progressed to being a responsible Prefect. She left the school to study for her BA at University, returning upon its completion to teach History. Biddy taught at the school for several years, leaving to be married. She has three children.

Mary-Lou Trelawney Mary-Lou Trelawney joined the school when it was located in Britain and followed to Switzerland. In her later years with us she became a Prefect and then Head Girl - one of the best the school has ever seen. She then went to University to gain her BA and currently works as an archaeologist, travelling the globe.