Form Divisions

What Division Do I Belong In?

This test, which will determine your position within the school, is divided into sections according to subject. Please answer all questions. (NB Your form will be decided on the basis of later tests.)

Section One: Geography

Of the layers inside the earth's crust. what is the transition zone?
A layer of solid rock
A layer of heavy rocks that can flow at times because of the great heat
A layer of hot, molten rock and semi-solid materials immediately inside the crust

What is an extinct volanco?
A volcano which has not errupted since prehistoric times
A volcano which erupts regularly
A volcano which has not erupted in some time, but may erupt again

How did igneous rocks form?
They were formed from the compressed remains of animals, plants and other rocks
They were formed when hot, molten volcanic material cooled down and became solid
They were once sedimentary rocks which were changed by great heat or pressure

Denudation is carried out by...?

Which of these mass movements is rapid?
Earthflows, Mudflows
Soil creep

Section Two: History

Which of these countries was under British rule in the early twentieth century?
Egyptian Sudan

Who were the members of the Dual Entente (1893)?
Russia and France
Germany and Austria
Britain and France

When was the American Declaration of Independence issued?
4 July 1777
4 July 1776
4 July 1775

What religious reform did King Edward VI make?
Mass to be in Latin
Church service to be in English
Clergymen allowed to marry

Which ship was part of Christopher Columbus' voyage to America?
San Gabriel
Santa Maria

Section Three: English

What does the word 'credible' mean?
Ready to believe anything
Deserving of merit

What is the purpose of didactic writing?
To teach or instruct
To appeal to or arouse certain emotions
To give a clear picture

What is a compound sentence?
A simple statement followed by one or two qualifying clauses
Two simple sentences connected by means of a conjunction
A sentence made up of one subject, one verb and one object

What is assonance?
The repition of hard sounds
The repition of vowel sounds
The repition of s and z sounds

What is a similie?
A comparison that points out a relationship or similarity
The comparing of two things
The comparison of two things using the words 'like' or 'as'

Section Four: Science

What is sublimation?
The direct change from a solid to a liquid
A rapid form of evaporation
The direct change from a solid to a gas

What is current measured in?

What is the symbol for Silver?

What is the main source of energy for living sources?
Fats and oils

Where are alveoli located?
In the liver
In the heart
In the lungs

Code adapted from alanna's quiz tutorial