A variety of scholarships and prizes are on offer at the Chalet School. some are open to current students only, but others offer to cover the expenses of the school for prospective students. Many of the scholarships open to prospective students are assessed by an examination.

The Chalet School Leadership Award
This prize, a fairly new addition, is awarded to those girls who have given their all to the school and provided good leadership. Open to current students only.

The Karl Anserl Scholarship
Provided by our former Music master, Karl Anserl, this scholarship provides three years at the Royal College of Music and two at the Paris conservatoire. Open to current students only.

The Josephine Bettany Essay Prize
Offered to current students, this prize is awarded to the composition deemed best by Miss Bettany, a world-fanous author and old girl.

The Jospehine Bettany Scholarship
Provided by an Old Girl, this scholarship provides for fees to the Chalet School and also for subsequent training. Open to prospective and current students.

The Therese Lepattre Scholarship
Awared every three years in memory of a former head-mistress of the Chalet School, this scholarship provides fees and living expenses for study at Oxford or Cambridge with an optional period at the Sorbonne. In addition to this it also covers current expenses at the Chalet School. Open to prospective and current students.

The Nina Rutherford Musical Scholarship
Awarded by an old girl, this scholarship is awarded to girls of high musical ability and provides for their training. Open to current students only.

The Margot Venables Prize
Awarded in memory of an old Matron of the school, this prize goes to the girl deemed to have done the most to help others in her time at the school. Open to current students only.