All students are required to wear a uniform. The school uniform falls into five categories - school, evening, summer, summer and indoor sports, and winter sports.

Overcoat & Hat The school uniform consists of a gentian blue tunic, for juniors, or skirt, for seniors, teamed with a cream blouse Skirt and striped gentian and crimson tie. In addition, students are required to have a gentian blue blazer with the school crest embroidered on the breast pocket in silver Blazer, Tie & Shirt and crimson, a gentian blue full-length overcoat, also with the school crest and a gentian blue hat with silver and crimson hat-band.

Evening Dress For evening wear, all girls must have gentian blue velvet dresses. Summer Dress

In the summer girls are permitted to wear blue and white checked gingham dresses. A wide-brimmed white hat is also required.

Summer & Indoor Sports Kit The summer and indoor sports uniform is a gentian blue sports skirt and white sports shirt. Girls will also require a lacrosse or hockey stick, according to preference.

Winter Sports Kit For winter sports, girls require a gentian blue ski-suit, a large crimson shawl and crimson gloves. Also required are studded walking boots, tinted glasses, an alpenstock and a pair of skis or a tobogan.

A list of further requirements including linen and undergarments will be sent upon acceptance.