Welcome to The Chalet School Prospectus. This booklet is intended to provide a guide to the facilities available at the school.

Miss Hilda Annersley The Chalet School is one of the top British boarding schools, with an international reputation. In addition to this, we have the bonus of location, for the school is now situated in the Bernese Oberland, Switzerland. This unique position allows the girls to further their languages and participate in various winter sports which would be unavailable to them in Britain. Our close connection with the Sanatorium provides excellent health coverage, and all girls are routinely examined and follow a diet recommended by the doctors themselves.

For those who do not wish to send their girls so far from home, the Chalet School also has a branch in England, which offers many of the benefits of the Swiss branch. A finishing school is also available for further study.

Founded in 1931 in the Austrian Tirol, the school has a long history of providing excellent educations to girls of all classes. In the following pages you will find information on our teaching, staff and activities. I do hope you will find it of interest.

If you do decide to join the School you may be assured of a warm welcome from your fellow 'Chaletians'!

Miss Hilda Annersley BA (HONS)

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