Adrienne and the Chalet School

First published in hardback in 1965 by Chambers. Illustrated by Dorothy Brook. First published in paperback in 1991 by Armada. Illustrated by Gwyneth Jones. Reprinted in 1993.

Synopsis (Spoilers) | Character Listing

1965 Hardback Dustwrapper Who was Adrienne Desmoines? She seemed to have no relations at all when Soeur Marie-Cecile rescued her from the clutches of an evil woman. Her parents were dead and, so far as she knew, they had not even had cousins. She was alone in the world. But Soeur Marie-Cecile, formerly Robin Humphries, applied to the Chalet School and to her adopted sister, Joey Maynard. Joey gave Adrienne her scholarship and she went to the Chalet School. From sheer gratitude she worked hard but unfortunately, the results of her work and her excellent brain brought her a bitter enemy. - 1965 Chambers
8s. 6d.

1993 Armada Who was Adrienne Desmoines? Her parents are dead and to the best of her knowledge she has no relations at all, so when Soeur Marie-Cecilie, formerly Robin Humphries, rescues the young girl and enrols her in the Chalet School, Adrienne is eternally grateful and vows to work hard. Unfortunately her diligence earns her a bitter enemy within the school. Can a freak accident in which they are both involved resolve their differences? Might it also provide the key to her true identity? - 1993 Armada
U.K. 3.50

1991 Armada, 2.99