The Chalet School and Barbara

1968 Armada Barbara Chester has always longed to go to the famous Chalet School like her sister, Beth, but illness has kept her home. Now at last she is to be a pupil there! At the school's new home in Switzerland, Barbara finds all the new excitements of winter sports and sight-seeing expeditions.
Everything goes smoothly at first and she soon makes friends. But, facing the trials of being a new girl, Barbara finds she has some hard lessons to learn...amongst them, the perils of being lost in the treacherous snows of the High Alps! - 1968 Armada
UK 2/6
1968 Armada Back Cover Illustration

1982 Armada "Oh, it's simply gorgeous!" she said alound. "This is a lovely place! I just know I'm going to love being here!"
Barbara Chester has always wanted to be a pupil at the famous Chalet School, and it more than meets her expectations. With her new friends, she discovers the joys of the school's new home in Switzerland. There is so much to do and see, with expeditions, winter sports, and a special Christmas play to be performed at the end of the term!
But there are difficulties as well, for the Alpine winter can bring treacherous weather which the Chalet School girls discover at their peril... - 1982 Armada
UK 95p

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