New Beginnings at the Chalet School
by Heather Paisley

First published in paperback in 1999 by Friends of the Chalet School. Illustrated by Angela Frewen. Reprinted in 2002 by Girls Gone By Publishers.

Dedicated To
Ann Mackie-Hunter and Clarissa Cridland,
without whose help and support this book would have
never seen the light of day.
Also dedicated to my Mother, with love.

1999 FOCS & 2002 GGBP the sequel faithful to Elinor Brent-Dyer's Chalet School series
Many fans have wished for more Chalet School stories, some have predicted the future of the school, but few have actually written about what happened next. Heather Paisley has done so, capturing Elinor Brent-Dyer's style exactly, and writing the story which Elinor might have written. With the introduction of new girl, Charlotte, and Len's wedding to add to the normal term's events, it is a must for every Chalet enthusiast.
Heather Paisley was born in London, brought up in the beautiful English Lake District and now lives in Milton Keynes. She is almost at the age where everyone tells her life begins. Heather also says that she has read Chalet School books all her life and eventually the frustration of no more new titles being published became too much for her, hence she has written New Beginnings at the Chalet School. Heather has an honours degree in Business Studies and is pursuing a career in General Management, although she admits that she would far rather be a professional writer. She is an active member of her local church. - 2002 Girls Gone By Publishers

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