The Chalet School Does It Again

1955 Chambers & 2002 Girls Gone By Publishers The Chalet School Does It Again is the 31st title in Elinor Brent-Dyer's famous Chalet School series, following immediately after The Chalet School and Barbara and preceeding A Chalet Girl from Kenya.
The second term of the Chalet School in the Oberland brings to it about a dozen new girls, among them, Prunella. Prunella was a problem, but the school had tackled such problems before and, at heart, she was a splendid girl. All she needed, as Joey Maynard declared, was straightening out. Thanks to Joey's own eldest girl, Len, and also her own outstanding pluck, the straightening out begins and, by the end of the term, as Joey herself points out, the Chalet School has done it again. Prunella is well on the road to make her school proud to number her amongst its girls. - 1955 Chambers & 2002 Girls Gone By Publishers
1955 Chambers & 2002 Girls Gone By Publishers Frontispiece

1990 Armada Len Maynard burst into the Junior common room in high spirits after the Christmas holidays: "Oh my dears! We've got the weirdest thing in new girls I've ever seen in my life!" The rest of them have to agree when they meet Prunella Davidson a few moments later - she speaks just like her own grandmother and insists on calling everyone by their full names! But there is something unnatural about Prunella's strange behaviour - and her secret is finally discovered on the school outing to Lucerne... - 1990 Armada
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