The Feud in the Chalet School

First published in hardback in 1962 by Chambers. Illustrated by D Brook. First published in a revised paperback in 1986 by Armada. Reprinted in 1986 & 1989.

1967 Hardback Dustwrapper The girls of the Chalet School returning at the beginning of a new Christmas term are stunned to find that a neighbouring school, St. Hilda's, whose premises have been burned down, has joined them.
Problems arise, especially as the Headmistress of St. Hilda's has been seriously injured and the young acting headmistress feels that St. Hilda's should be housed together and continue as a separate school. This is impossible, and her resentment affects the girls so much that a bitter feud springs up between the Middles of both school, which does not end until both schools have had some thrilling and hair-raising experiences. - 1967 Chambers
7s. 6d.

1986 & 1989 Armada A horrible shock awaits the girls of St Hilda's at the beginning of the autumn term. A disastrous fire has reduced their school to a burnt-out ruin! Gillie Garstin and her friends find themselves enrolled at the neighbouring Chalet School - and they're not at all sure they're going to like it...
The feeling is mutual. Jack Lambert and the Middles are infuriated when the rebellious newcomers defy the school rules. A bitter feud develops which threatens to rock the Chalet School to its foundations! - 1986 & 1989 Armada
1986: UK 1.25/1.75
1989: UK 2.25