A Future Chalet School Girl

To Phyll
who kept on asking for a story about
the people of the country like the first
Chalet books.
With much love from

1995 Armada It's the holidays for the girls of the famous Chalet School, and they are no less eventful than the term time...
Melanie Lucas is not pleased to be leaving her beloved St Katherine's to live in Switzerland. She is only a little consoled to know that she can stay at the school until the end of term, but then a bad bout of chickenpox means an earlier than expected arrival in Geneva.
Thus Melanie finds herself spending a month with Joey Maynard's triplets, and sharing in so much excitement and adventure that her old longing for St Katherine's is replaced by delight at knowing that the following term she herself will be a Chalet School girl. - 1995 Armada
UK 3.99 Australia $6.95 Canada $6.50

1962 Hardback Dustwrapper