Jane and the Chalet School

First published in hardback in 1963 by Chambers. Illustrated by Dorothy Brook. First published in paperback in 1990 by Armada. Illustrated by Gwyneth Jones. Reprinted in 1991.

1964 Hardback Dustwrapper Introducing Jane Carew, who came more or less by chance to the Chalet School. She had never been at School before and a number of new experiences were awaiting her. She made several friends and found a bitter enemy in Jack Lambert who was fiercely jealous because Jane was put into Len Maynard's dormitory and Jack was ousted to make room for her. However, there was good stuff in Jane as well as a burgeoning gift for acting which a school play brought to light. When the story ends Jane and Jack are well on the way to becoming real friends and the school at large is realising that here is another member who should add to its laurels in the future. - 1964 Chambers
8s. 6d.
1964 Hardback Frontispiece

1990 & 1991 Armada Jane Carew has only ever been taught by a governess, so she is both nervous and excited about starting at the Chalet School.
An instant success in the school play, having grown up with her father's travelling theatre company, Jane finds it easy to make friends. But she has also made a bitter enemy in Jack Lambert. Then comes a chance for Jane to put things right, when her help is needed to rescue Jack from the most terrible danger... - 1990 & 1991 Armada
1990: UK 2.50 Australia $5.95 N.Z. $7.95 Canada $4.95
1991: UK 2.99