A Leader in the Chalet School

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Dedicated to my friend and editor
Mr John L. Blair, with thanks for much
patience and many kindnesses

1987 Armada "That wretched infant seems to think I'm a travelling encyclopedia," Len Maynard moans, for mischievous junior, "Jack" Lambert, has adopted Len as her idol and won't stop pestering her.
Fed up with the blizzards raging outside, Jack soon has the Chalet School in turmoil with her practical jokes. But then she goes too far and finds herself in real trouble, and only Len can help her out... - Armada 1987 & 1993
1987: U.K. 1.95
1993: U.K 2.99 Australia $6.95 N.Z $9.95 Can $4.95
1993 Armada

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