Mary-Lou at the Chalet School

1968 Armada Emerence said nothing, in spite of Margot's pleading, until they reached the top of the toboggan run. That curious look of dumb obstinacy had swept across her face again. When they reached the top she swung round on Margot. 'You shut up! If you don't want to come, you needn't-but I'm going!'.
"But we'll get into the most awful row." Margot cried, nearly in tears. "Please don't do it! You might even be killed, and it isn't worth it! Oh, please, Emmy!"
Emerence pulled the toboggan round into position and sat down on it, digging her heels into the snow. Margot knew she might as well have talked to the wind.... - 1968 Armada
1968 Armada Back Cover Illustration

1985 Armada "Margot set up a series of wild screams which made people look up. The toboggan slid off, gathering speed instantly, for the run was sharp and keen. Mary-Lou, flying up the slope shouted "Steer to the right!" in a wild attempt to save the crew.
Emerence tugged first at one rope and then the other. But suddenly she was flung off the toboggan straight into Mary-Lou. Mary-Lou took the full weight of the flying body in the chest and was flung, in her turn, against the trunk of a pine tree. She lay there, still, grey and to all appearances, dead!" - 1985 Armada
1985 Armada Back Cover Illustration

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