The New Mistress at the Chalet School

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1969 Armada "Dear Miss Ferrars,
I wish to offer you the post of form mistress to the intermediate fifth form in this school...
When Kathie Ferrars reads this, it's the happiest moment of her life. It means she will be able to teach at the wonderful Chalet School in the Swiss mountains...
She finds the School inhabited by every kind of girl, from sensible, trustworthy Mary-Lou to selfish, vain Iseult (should be Yseult). At first Kathie makes mistakes, but by the end of her first term she is learning to cope, becoming the sort of mistress the Chalet School wants. - 1969 Armada
1969 Armada Back Cover Illustration

1984 Armada "Dear Miss Ferrars,
I wish to offer you the post of form mistress...
Kathie couldn't believe her eyes, but that's what the letter said! She'd been chosen to teach at the famous Chalet School in the Swiss mountains - what a wonderful start to her career!
But she soon discovers that it's not an easy task. Rules are hard to enforce and classes can be a chore. Kathie can't cope with the vain Yseult, while she mistreats the trustworthy Mary Lou - who in turn saves her from a perilous death...
Happily, Kathie benefits by her mistakes and pulls through the term with flying colours. - 1984 Armada
U.K. 1.25 New Zealand $3.95
1984 Armada Back Cover Illustration

1987 Armada "...make sure you assume a little dignity..." Kathie Ferrar's aunt advises her as she takes up her first teaching post - at the famous Chalet School.
Advice which, though well meant, was to be the source of future trouble as Kathie learns - painfully - that rules are hard to enforce but that friendships between staff and pupils are possible. - 1987 & 1993 Armada
1987: U.K. 1.95 Australia $5.95 N.Z. $7.50 Canada $3.95
1993: U.K 2.99 Australia $7.95 N.Z $9.95 Can $4.95
1993 Armada

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