Redheads at the Chalet School

First published in hardback in 1964 by Chambers. Illustrated by D Brook. First published in paperback in 1990 by Armada. Reprinted in 1991.

1964 Hardback Dustwrapper It was in circumstances of mystery that Flavia ('Copper') Ansell joined the Chalet School.
Why must this redhead change her name from Letton to Ansell? Why was she sent to Switzerland to school at all? Why did her step-father forbid her to speak to him on the train to Besancon? Why was she so strictly forbidden to have anything to do with strangers? Why did the strange American woman show such an interest in the school - especially in its red-headed members?
Redheads at the Chalet School will supply all the answers, and give you lots of excitement and keep you in suspense till you read the very end. - October 1964 Chambers
8s. 6d.
1964 Hardback Frontispiece

1991 Armada Flavia Ansell is not allowed to talk to her stepfather on the train, or even say goodbye. She must not speak to any strangers and she has to cut off her long red hair. When Miss Annersley, the Headmistress, accepts Inspector Letton's step-daughter at short notice, she has no idea of the dangers that lie ahead. But what's it all about? And why is a mysterious woman showing so much interest in the school - particularly the red-headed pupils? - 1990 & 1991 Armada
1990: 2.75
1991: UK 2.99