Two Sams at the Chalet School

First published in hardback in 1967 by Chambers. Illustrated by Dorothy Brook. First published in paperback in 1993 by Armada. Illustrated by Gwyneth Jones.

1967 Hardback Dustwrapper Samantha van der Byl, an American girl, and Samaris Davies, a Welsh girl, arrive at the Chalet School at the beginning of the second term. Although there is a year difference in their ages they immediately become firm friends. Joey Maynard is intrigued by their unusual names, and Samaris's interest in music diverts Nina Rutherford after her accident and helps Baby Phil over a bad patch. The two have many adventures, not the least being Samantha's acrobatics with Minette, the school cat. There is a big surprise for the two Sams at the end of the story. - October 1967 Chambers
10s. 6d.

1994 Armada Samaris Davis and Samantha van der Byl, new girls at the Chalet School together, become firm friends. Intrigued by the similarity in their two names, Samantha wonders if somehow they might be related, and sets her father to discovering the truth. But just as they hear what he has to say, Samaris is involved in a very frightening accident, and Samantha too has her share of scrapes! - 1994 Armada
U.K 2.99 Australia $6.95 N.Z $9.95 Canada $4.95