The Chalet School Wins the Trick

First published in hardback in 1961 by Chambers. Illustrated by D Brook. First published in paperback in 1985 by Armada. Reprinted in 1987 & 1993.

1961 Hardback Dustwrapper The Chalet School Wins the Trick introduces five girls who are up in arms against the School and everyone and everything connected with it. They wanted to start a Camp Fire among themselves while they had to be at the Gornetz Platz, and elected to light the first one on the School's cricket pitch. Miss Dene caught them at it and what she had to say set all their backs up. So there was serious trouble, and Val and Celia played one or two tricks on the School which infuriated everyone. But the worst of the lot was little Win, the baby.
However, after one or two violent encounters among the Middles, not to speak of help extended by members of the School in some unpleasant emergencies, the elder four came to their senses. Win took longer, and had a nasty experience before she, too, learned that the School was ready and willing to be friends. but it all turned out well and the end of that eventful summer term left the five looking forward to being Chalet girls themselves next term. -1961 Chambers
1961 Hardback Frontispiece

1985 & 1987 Armada "This is my last term at the the Chalet School and I did so hope it would be peaceful," sighs Head Girl Josette Russell.
But from the moment that Miss Dene catches some strange girls lighting a fire in the grounds, Josette's hopes are dashed. For the girls - Audrey, Val, Celia, Solly and baby Win - begin a spiteful vendetta against the school that gives the poor Head Girl no end of problems. But worse is to come, for one day Win mysteriously disappears... - Armada 1985 & 1987
1985: U.K. 1.50
1987: U.K. 1.95

1993 Armada, 2.99