The Chalet School and the Lintons

Originally published as a single volume with A REBEL AT THE CHALET SCHOOL

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1973 & 1980 Armada The girls stared eagerly as the curtains draped across the top end of the room were drawn apart. The next moment the stage was in full view, and the excited girls saw a strange sight.
There stood a broad lady in an ample black skirt, huge shawl and a bonnet stuck on her head.She had heavy black eyebrows and several teeth were missing. Behind her stood a rigid group -- Prince Charlie, a prim Florence Nightingale, Joan of Arc, Napolean and a young, autocratic Queen Victoria.
But it was the huge woman in black who held their attention most strongly. Who was she? And what was her connection with all these famous faces of the past? - 1973 & 1980 Armada
1973: 20p
1980: 75p
1973 Armada Back Cover Illustration

1988 & 1990 Armada Gillian and Joyce Linton are as different as two sisters can be. When they arrive at the Chalet School, gentle and thoughtful Gillian soon settles down and makes friends but spoiled, wilful Joyce will not obey school rules or respect classroom honour! Problems come to a head when Joyce organizes a midnight feast - with dire consequences.
The Linton's first term drawns to a close with a hilarious staff evening, a memorable cookery lesson and another surprise for the Chalet School. - 1998 & 1990 Armada
1998: UK 1.95
1990: U.K. 2.50 Australia $5.95 N.Z. $8.50 Canada $4.95

1996 Collins 2-in-1 Gillian and Joyce Linton are as different as two sisters can be, for whilst Gillian soon settles in at the Chalet School, Joyce simply refuses to obey the rules. Problems come to a head when she organises a midnight feast and the Lintons' first term ends with a memorable cooking lesson and another surprise for the Chalet School. - 1996 & 1998 Collins
1996: UK 3.99
December 7, 1998: UK 3.99
1998 Collins

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