The New Chalet School

Originally published as a single volume with A UNITED CHALET SCHOOL

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Dedicated to Lucy Violet Moore of India
with love from Elinor

1978 Armada The new term at the Chalet School gets off to an exciting start with a series of mysterious practical jokes.
The girls are plagued by sneezing powder, stink bombs, and a parcel of frogs - then comes an attack on Dr. Jem. When the school's electricity supply is cut off, Joey decides the jokes have gone too far. But the 'Mystic M' -- as the jokers call themselves -- will stop at nothing ... not even kidnapping! - 1975 & 1978 Armada
1975: U.K. 30p
1978: U.K. 50p Australia $1.50 New Zealand $1.50 Canada $1.50

Undated (Post-1984) Armada There has always been friendly rivalry between the Chalet School and St Scholastika's, the school by the lake. But now that they are amalgamated with the St Scholastika girls find it easy to think of themselves as Chaletians?
The unrully Balbini twins and a catapult, however, quickly help to unite the two elements of the new Chalet School.
But what begins as childish mischief rapidly develops into something far more serious, and the Balbini twins' revenge has more tragic consequences than they could ever have realized. - undated (post-1984) Armada
U.K. 2.25 Australia $5.95 N.Z. $7.95 Canada $3.95

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