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06 May 2004 There are two new articles in the EBD Miscellany section - the EBD biography from the 1999 version of The School at the Chalet and the postscript by Helen McClelland from the same book. Also, I've added the chapter illustrations from this edition to the page dedicated to The School at the Chalet.

11 April 2004 Added the short-story The Robins Make Good, kindly donated by KB.
New pictures can now be found in School, Jo, Princess, Head, and Jo, Camp, Exploits, Lintons, House, Returns, New, Exile, War, Robin, in Tirol, Leader and Triplets.
Several new mistresses have been added to the list of Chalet School Staff and there's a new list, Chalet School Houses. Any further details on this last page would be much appreciated!
Finally, New Girls at the Chalet School has been updated to the letter 'h'.

10 April 2004 Finally got around to uploading Other Brent-Dyer Works. I've added a new classification to this section, named Poetry, which now includes the text of the two pieces of 'poetry' penned by EBD (well those that have been found so far anyway). Many thanks go to Helen Barlow, who discovered Margie's Birthday and sent the details to me for the site =)

12 March 2004 The entire site has been redesigned and moved here ( With the exception of Chalet School Locations and Other Brent-Dyer Works, everything is operational. If you come across any problems, please e-mail me.

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