20 December 2002
Updates to the Angela Brazil section, with plenty of covers added to existing pages and a few new pages created. The Antonia Forest section has also had a few new images and blurbs added but nothing too exciting.
Back in the chalet corner, a section entitled Christmas Plays at the Chalet School has been added to the Prospectus
section which includes descriptions and extracts.

17 December 2002
Lots of images and blurbs added this time around affecting Eustacia, Exile, Exploits, Head, Jo, New, Princess, Rebel, Rivals, School, Gay, Lavender, Rescue, War, Wrong, Oberland, Barbara, Feud, Leader, Maylou, Redheads and Trick in the CS Books Section. Also in this section, the Chalet Girls' Cookbook has been updated and information on The Third Chalet Book for Girls has been added. A new compilation title from 1990 has been added. Images have also been added to A Thrilling Term at Janeways. Pages for The Maids of La Rochelle and EBD's short stories have been added. The short story index is located at the bottom of the Other EBD Books Section and includes details of some of the annuals, as well as the trnscript of the story Rescue in the Snows. Finally an article on GGBP, Get Back Into Your Gymslip, published in The Independent, and a bit of information on the missing The First Junior Chalet Book have been added to the Prospectus Section. It's all good! Hopefully, plenty more to come in the holiday season!

22 November 2002
I'm quite proud of this spate of updates! Firstly, I've added a synopsis and character listing for School based on the hardback text. The locations section has seen a bit of renovation with the following pages all being either updated or created: Barenbad, Barenkopf, Hall, Innsbruck, Kron Prinz Karl, Lauterbach Valley, Lauterbach Village, Mondscheinspitze, Rosengarten Valley, Chalet School, Tiernjoch, Tiernsee, Tirol and The Tyroler Hof. Finally (and most excitingly, I think!), The Works of Josephine M. Bettany has been majorally updated. This section now includes details on Jo's unpublished works such as Elsie's Boys and contains quotes and descriptions of these early stories. Later works such as Werner of the Alps have also been added.

9 November 2002
Various covers and frontispiece images have been added to Barbara, Behind, Camp, Challenge, Heather and Mary-Lou.

2 November 2002
Forgive me for the long delay in updates? Sorry! Today I've added some info on EBD to the Prospectus section. Also in this section, birthdays and scholarships have been updated. A new compilation title from 1985 has been added to the compilations section. Updates have been made to the following CS titles: Adrienne, Carola, Changes, Eustacia, Future, Gay, Highland, Mary-Lou, New House, Peggy, Rescue, Rivals and Shocks. In the other EBD books section, Carnation, Condor, Heather, Janeways and Judy have been updated and pages have been created for A Head Girl's Difficulties, Gerry Goes to School, Monica Turns Up Trumps, Kennelmaid Nan and The Chalet Girls' Cookbook.

4 October 2002
Another gap in updates due to frantic first week at University! Updated the Accidents and Alarms section of the Prospectus and also United, Exile and Bride, all of which have had new blurbs added. Publishing details have been added to Sharlie's Kenya Diary. Finally, details of the Robin's favourite song, The Red Sarafan have been added to the Prospectus page.

19 September 2002
Apologies for the delay in updates, but I found that my return to Cardiff wasn't as trouble free as I had hoped! However, I have updated the following pages: compilations, adrienne, and jo, barbara, bride, camp, carola, changes, coming, excitements, exile, exploits, leader, lintons, peggy, prefects, rebel, redheads, rescue, richenda, rivals, rosalie, ruey, three, tom, tick, triplets, united, war, genius, joey, carnation - all of these pages (and a few more whose titles escape me) have had new pictures or blurbs added to them. I've also created a page for Sharlie's Kenya Diary in the 'Other EBD Books' section and added a (short) list of birthdays to the 'Chalet School Prospectus' page. My final update of the day is also located in the 'Prospectus' section - Accidents and Alarms at the Chalet School. Expect more updates over the next few days!

13 August 2002
Added character lists and synopsis pages for Gay Lambert of the Chalet School, The New Mistress at the Chalet School and The Chalet School Triplets. Also added the Chambers introduction to the Prospectus page. A list of hardback titles has also been added to this page.

9 August 2002
Created pages for Chudleigh Hold and The Condor Crags Adventure. Also added a new page to the Prospectus section - Views of the Chalet School, which deals with the depictions of the School from the book covers. A few more cover pictures have been added here and there, including the new Girls Gone By Bride of the Chalet School.

1 August 2002
Sorted out all the modern Collins editions and blurbs. Also added the Collins Introduction in the Prospectus secion. Added a new compilation title and pic too!

30 June 2002
I have finally uploaded the complete site after weeks of work, so hurrah! Only a few of the books actually have summaries and character lists, but I'll be adding more and more. I'll also be putting up info on locations other than the Austrian ones (hopefully!).